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Office, Retail Store and Espresso Bar

Interior Renovation
Venice, CA
1,000 SF

A unique surf store concept that merged an art house cinema approach using only black and white as a backdrop. Lone Wolfs Objets d’Surf is a multi-functional space with several recording studios that open up to the surf store - a curated experience of artwork, clothing and handmade surfboards. Materials throughout the space are purposely unfinished for an un-designed aesthetic that cater to the punk rock approach to the brand experience and compliment the minimal black and white palette of the merchandise. Stacked plywood boxes house surf inspired accoutrements and allow for a modular, changeable display. The Storefront mirrors the bold but minimal graphic sensibility of Lone Wolfs with its colors and simple hand-painted signage. Custom wood and steel window displays allow you to view product as an art, while simultaneously giving you viewing access to the interior of the store.

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