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Add a touch of natural beauty to your home with our Centerpiece Baja Wicker Lamp. This remarkable lamp is the essence of wicker artistry in Baja, with abundant natural fibers woven into a captivating design. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, it can be used as a dining table centerpiece or to light an outdoor path. This one-of-a-kind lamp is expertly handwoven by local craftsmen in Baja, good friends from Tatiana's travels. Measuring 24" by 24",  this versatile lamp has a natural finish and is sure to be a statement piece and center of attention in any setting.


  • Natural, light finish
  • 24" X 24"
  • Indoor/outdoor use, hanging or grounded
  • Add'l costs for electrical: Outdoor ($25.00) and Interior ($120.00)




Introducing our Baja Wicker Lamps, a collection of handcrafted lighting pieces that embody the spirit and craftsmanship of Mexico. Discovered by California tastemaker Tatiana, these lamps are a testament to the beauty of artisanal design and natural elegance.


Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each Baja Wicker Lamp is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Mexico, who employ traditional weaving techniques to create intricate patterns and textures. The wicker material, sourced locally, is carefully selected and treated to ensure durability and a timeless aesthetic.


Versatile Sizes: Catering to various needs and preferences, the Baja Wicker Lamps are available in four distinct sizes:



California Elegance: Found by the renowned tastemaker Tatiana, these lamps bring a touch of Baja’s rustic charm to California’s elegant and laid-back style. The versatile design of the lamps makes them a perfect addition to any room, whether you’re aiming for a beachy, bohemian, or contemporary look.


Sustainable Choice: The use of locally sourced wicker and traditional crafting methods make these lamps a sustainable choice, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility and support for local Mexican craftsmanship.

Illuminate your space with the warmth and charm of our Baja Wicker Lamps, and let the artisanal elegance of Mexico blend seamlessly with the sophisticated vibes of California living.

Centerpiece Baja Wicker Lamp

Excluding Sales Tax |
Finish: Natural
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